Reinald Van De Walle

About Reinald Van De Walle

As a child I loved taking photos using a Instamatic camera. Only look and press a button. The pictures were black and white, good enough.
Then I started with a 35mm fixed lens and color photos. All of modernism!
From there I went to have a camera with interchangeable lenses. That was a revolution for me. Thousands of pictures came out of that camera. It was the era of surprises. Send to develop the photos and having to wait one week for them was exciting. There was another problem, the huge bag with many lenses, lack of spontaneity and speed of image capture.
Everything was modernizing until the present day where, of course I changed from analog to digital and that was a big change for me: a small camera with fixed lens and nothing else. ¡¡A second revolution!!
Although the digital system allows for lots of pictures, now every one I make is with more awareness than before. Each one is a small work of art ... my art!

Thanks Jason for this great idea: a blog for all.

Photography Equipment

Now, a Powershot A610 from Canon.
Just before, an analog camera from Pentax, the K1000 with a good lens, a wide angle, a normal zoom, a special double zoom, etc.
As a boy a Canonet from Canon and
at the beginning .... ¡¡a Instamatic from Kodak!! :-)